HERB - documenting herbs for treating epilepsy?

Carol Ross courtanvaux at geocities.com
Thu Apr 30 22:11:22 PDT 1998

Galen says:
The Culpeper's Color Herbal as sold by the SCA Stockclerk indeed has an
index by disease state. Epilepsy is listed under 'falling-sickness' and
lists betony (wood), bryony, cinquefoil, cowslip, dittany(white),
fennel(sow or hogs), garlic, heart's ease, hellebore(black), hyssop,
juniper tree, lavender, lily of the valley, lime tree, masterwort,
mistletoe, mustard(black), paeony, pellitory of Spain, plantain,
poplar(black), rosemary, sage(common garden), thorn-apple, and violet. I
did not check this extensive list with the text to pull primary plants. My
modern natural med reference does not cover seizure disorders at all.

In Service to Physick and Chirurgy,

I do not know much about herbs as remidies and/or dance but I notice that
there is both an herb heart's ease and a dance called heart's ease that we
preform does anybody know if the dance name has anything to do with the

Genevieve de Courtanvaux

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