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> > Jasmine
> > 
> > PS: Has anyone bothered to do a tree diagram of sorts detailing
> > who copied from who and what was based on which manuscript for the
> > big manuscripts that most of have access to for our SCA herbal
> > research?
> There are two "tree"diagrams in the history of the illustrated
> herbal(Exact wording?) which show this. I'll post more details of the book
> and xharts when I get home.
> Sharon

This is what I get for relying on my memory. 
The book's actual title is "The Illustrated herbal"(oh well too many books
with similar names). Anyway its by Wilfrid Blunt and Sandra Raphael. The
copy I have got is the revised edition (1994) paperback. isbn
0-500-27786-9. Published by Thames and Hudson. It is a book on the history
of illustrated herbals with lots of plates over 60 - of which many are
full pages (larger than A4 - foolscap size I believe the book is) and
some double pages. The manuscriptsection has mainly colour plates
of lots of different manuscript. One of my favourites is a double page 
of the Apuleius Platonicus Herbarium (c. 1200), vivid coulurs, shows
the gathering of rhizomes on one page a physcian weighing drugs on the 
other. The other sections are woodcut herbals and metal-engraved. The
herbals covered go from the "first herbals" to about 1800s, Illustrated
only mainly. 

Enough about the book (format). The trees. On page 52-53 are two
charts(which are based on Charles Singer according to the aurthors) show
"the descent of the various groups of Discorides manuscripts from the lost
originals of Krateuas. " and "relationship of the versions of the
Herbarium of Apuleius Platonicus". The charts indicate existing
manuscripts and missing links in the chain. \both charts are full page. 
By implication Charles Singer also produced charts which I have not seen.
>From the biblio Singer Charles _From magic to medicine_ , london 1928.
The herbal in Antiquity and its transmission to later ages. _Journal of
Hellanic Studies_ _47_: 1-52 , 1927. May be of some interest. I'll have a
check at uni to see if I can find it and see if it is any good (I have 3
months out of at 3 months and 3 weeks uni holiday left and I'M already

I have other charts somewhere althouh where exactly that is I have no idea
but will post details when I find them. If you are unable to find the
charts from the Illustrated Herbal, email me.

Forgive typos weird phrasing weird ounctation, spelling whathave you as
I'm on a link to a telnet account and I'm typing 5 times faster (and I'm
typing slowely) then the stuffs appearing on screen.

Hope this is of some use,

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