HERB - Happy Holidays

Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Tue Dec 29 13:04:38 PST 1998

Francesca wrote:
>Happy Holidays to All from the proud owner of new books on how to make soap
><grin> (BTW you've all been inspirational!), one on the history of foods,
>and one on Italian period paintings and frescos.

I think that if anyone brags about books received this holiday season,
they should at least post the publishing info and ISBN or LCN number.
That way we can all be really really jealous and point our significant
others in the direction of the *next* presents they'll be getting us. :)

So, Francesca, which soap book did you get? Anything with good
historical information for us SCA research nuts? Congrats!

>Now if I could just find the bookcases and get the rest of the books

Ah yes. I hear that same cry every day from my very own lips. I've
decided that to support my SCA research habit I need to buy a house
with at least three floors, one floor dedicated solely to projects and
papers I work on for the SCA. And that's just for my stuff. My SO gets
his own house right next door. :)

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