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Thu Dec 31 17:07:14 PST 1998

At 03:40 PM 12/31/98 -0500, Mistress Christianna wrote:
 >My purchases of herb books has also become much more selective, and I
>lean towards the volumes that have really good photographs of the plants,
>or exceptional drawings of the plants in all stages.
	Mine too,  I tend to either read through the overviews and find books with
information I haven't found places or I look for herbs that are being
viewed with more insterest.  i have a book (Steven Foster's) that tends to
concentrate on more unusual herbs as well as the standard.  I also have
branched into specialized topis (anglo-saxon, sacred gardens, weaving and
dying gardens, etc....)  The biggest problem I have is that I'm running out
of room so I have started going through and earmarking books to give away. 
	Slightly off subject but does anyone have any information on the Medical
School at Salerno.  I have an article published in a science journal and
want to find more.  It seems to have been a major influence in teaching
during the Middle Ages but much info is scarce. 
	Also has anyone worked with anglos saxon herbals.  There are a few herbs
that defy translations.... Part of my new years resolution is to start on a
paper for a talk on the Significance of Religion and Magic in Anglo-Saxon
Medicine.  If any of you have run across anything please let me know. 

Happy New Year to all of you.


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