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Clare asked:

>Slightly off subject but does anyone have any information on the Medical
>School at Salerno.  I have an article published in a science journal and
>want to find more.  It seems to have been a major influence in teaching
>during the Middle Ages but much info is scarce.

When looking for information on the Salerno school, it may be useful
to also look for information on the "Regimen Sanitatis".

There are two books that I have on order from Interlibrary Loan. I've
not yet read them and have no reviews on them, but they may be of
help to you if you can get them through your library (or buy them,
for that matter, as they are both available for immediate shipping
from barnesandnoble.com and may be at their stores):

_Prose Salernitan Questions: An Anonymous Collection Dealing with
Science and Medicine Written by an Englishman Circa 1200, with an
Appendix of Ten Related Collections_ by Brian Lawn (Hardcover; August
1979; ISBN 0197259782)

_School of Salernum: Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum, the English
Version with a History of the School of Salernum by Francis R. Packard
& a Note on the Prehistory of the Regimen Sanitatis by Fielding H.
Garrison (hardcover; June 1970; ISBN 0678037515).

If you get these before I do, and for that matter, when you start
learning more, I think I'd/we'd like to know about it. Most of the
things I've read on Salerno have been secondary references to its
existence, or information in Rawcliffe's _Medicine and Society_.
IIRC, I think Rawcliffe talks about Salerno's rise in popularity
only in terms of the progression of students there from other
portions of western Europe in later medieval times not early
medieval times.

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