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I just recenty subscribed to the Herb list.  Great topics!  Two or three
years ago the Cloisters did a living garden at the Philadelphia Flower
Show (I think this was the Venue).  They depicted the "Unicorn"
tapestries.  The centerpiece was a unicorn statue surrounded by all the
plants they could identify from the tapestries.  I believe they had
dozens of identifiable plants.  Perhaps writing to the Cloisters and
inquiring after the display may provide information of similar plants in

I have enjoyed herbs since my teen years. Although DH is in the Air
Force and we move around a bit, the first thing I do upon arriving at a
new assignment is install an herb garden.  I've made salves, soap,
lotions, potpourri, vinegars, oils, rose beads, sugars, etc., etc.  I
enjoy cooking (but not cleaning up afterwards!) with herbs.  

Is there ever a seed exchange on the list?  Do members have listings of
herbs grown in their gardens?  

aka Bronwynn O'Loughlin

Betty P.
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