HERB - Broken Bones and Pain Management

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Sun Jan 10 14:45:55 PST 1999

> Yours truly fell the day before New
>Year's eve while shoveling snow off the back stairs and broke a rib.  
>I've been home and unable to access my work account.  Anyone have >any
suggestions for healing broken bones quickly?  Or for pain >management
without drugs since I seem to have reactions to most of >the standard

>Norma Jean Storms

The advice about calcium is good, and remember to get boron, magnesium,
and zinc along with it, as they really help your absorption.  Herbally,
you might try a poultice/cast of comfrey root, (also known as boneknit) 
over the affected area.  
For pain management, my lord went through nerve-wracking pain, with
doctors telling him he could do no more than Tylenol (which eventually
increased his liver functions unhealthily) and ice (which eventually gave
him frostbite).  When we finally got sent to a pain clinic, he was
supplied with a TENS unit.  It is a little battery operated unit not much
bigger than a pager.  It has wires that attach to sticky pads, which go
at opposite points around the area of pain.  You turn it on, and adjust
the knobs to get a low current of electricity.  It works REALLY well.  He
is wearing it today, even though his shoulder problems have been fixed. 
The weather systems going through and the rising barometric pressure have
made it a 'bad shoulder day', so he is plugged in.  He also takes
glucosamine, which increases the flow of fluids to the spongy tissues in
and around joints.  It does seem to help.  

Good Luck, and stay out o' them places!
Mistress Christianna MacGrain

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