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>Ok, here's a question for the Herb List, anyone heard of 
>The whole message is below.  
>	Mistress Christianna

I believe 'Tussilinge' is colt's foot (_Tussilago farfara_).  The leaves
are smoked to treat coughs and asthma.  

Warning: Contains traces of liver-affecting pyrrolizidine alkaloids;
potentially toxic in large doses.

This info is from:
Peterson Field Guides #40, _Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants_, Steven
Foster & James A. Duke, 1990,  Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  ISBN

The leaves are large , roundish, dark green on top and fuzzy white on the
underside, apparenly coming straight out of the ground with no evident
stem beyond the leaf stalk.  It is shade-loving and I have lots of it
growing in my shade garden at the east side of the garage and behind the
grape trellis on the tub room.   Although I have my share of respiratory
problems, I have not yet been able to convince myself that intentionally
inhaling smoke of any kind would be a helpful thing to do.   The early
spring flowers, which bloom before the leaves appear, look a lot like
dandelions with shaggy stems.


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