HERB - Humoral Theory

Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland foxryde at verinet.com
Thu Jan 21 16:48:12 PST 1999

At 03:36 PM 1/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Mistress Christianna wrote:
>>I'm sure the Florilegium has more discussion on the Humoral theory.
>And if it doesn't, I vote we all talk about it so that Lord
>Stefan can get copies into the Florilegium. :)

Oooh, yes, please!  As important as it was in period, I don't hear enough
about it!

But, one thing I like to point out in classes is how we still nod to the
humor theory.

"a sanquine temperment"  "a phelgmatic comment"  and the ever popular "ill

Any more?

Any good books on the subject?  I have a book that talks about places to
cut to bleed out various types of bad humors.   

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