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Kathleen Keeler kkeeler at unlinfo.unl.edu
Fri Jan 22 07:07:12 PST 1999

Bjmikita at aol.com wrote:

> Yes, they are.  Actually they are called owl pellets.  Some musecums sell them
> as well as school supply places.  They make great science projects.  My
> daughter did it in 4th grade and loved it.  When I see them advertised, they
> are noted as being sterilized.  Wonder how they do it?
> Jeanne de La Mer

Owl pellets aren't droppings (as in feces) but regurgitated undigestible stuff
the stomach.  So probably sterilizeable with heat.  The mouse skulls and bones
won't be
hurt by heat.

The contrast with burrowing owl pellets is particularly cool: burrowing owls fly
day, eat beetles mostly, other owls fly by night, eat rodents.

kkeeler1 at unl.edu

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