HERB - Herbal Cold & Flu Care Class

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Sun Jan 24 15:00:34 PST 1999

>There are 2 pages of notes and one of recipes if anyone wants a copy 
>e-mail me privately (please don't flood the list with "me-toos").
>Thanks again for all the comments!
>Baroness Leonora, O.P.

At the risk of being a 'me too', I would like to suggest that you DO go
ahead and post this to the List.  I think we're all interested, and this
list is NOT the busy one (those of you also on the cook's list know what
I mean).  If you like, break the info up into a few smaller, different
posts.  That will keep the download time to a minimum as well.  
>We mixed up a tea right there in class of one of the participants
>who was starting to feel puny!

	See, I told you so.  ;)

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