HERB - Re: Herbal Cold & Flu Care

RAISYA@aol.com RAISYA at aol.com
Mon Jan 25 10:51:40 PST 1999


My children, who've never been in daycare or in a classroom, have rarely ever
been sick with anything.  A few colds, one ear infection, a virus, and the
chicken pox, and I think that's about it in 13+ years. I've made nutrition a
high priority with them, though, so there's no way of telling which has been
the most significant.  But it's a safe bet that hygiene's going to be marginal
when one person's watching 9 toddlers, it just isn't humanly possible to watch
that many directions at once.  I suspect 5 is more than enough even with the 3
& 4 year olds.  

Unfortunately, I know many people who have no choice about childcare, and the
only thing I know to do is encourage them the best I can.

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