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Tue Jan 26 20:51:32 PST 1999

Too true.  I must say over two dozen times a day, "Puzzle pieces are not
for chewing on"

As far as tonics go, one of my books says that beet juice is good for the
liver and kidneys.  

Two tablespoons apple cider vinigar and two teaspoons of honey in a glass
of water is supposed to be wonderful for your whole system.  It reminds me
of sikanjabin with out the mint.

I've never tried this, but the following is a tonic used by gypsies
(according to my source, which is _Lelord Kordel's Natural folk remedies_ 

1/4 ounce horeradish root
2 ounces celery root or chopped fresh celery
1 ounce dandelion root
2 pints water

Place roots in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat, cover, and let
simmer twenty minutes.  Strain and bottle.
Dose:  A wineglassfull twice a day

Of course, the book only gives the recipie.  It doesn't say what the tonic
is supposed to do for you.

Melandra of the Woods
> From: RAISYA at aol.com
>> Melandra,
> Actually when I said hygiene, I was referring to the fact that toddlers
> not remotely civilized <G>.  They sneeze and cough right in each other's
> not to mention other things.  One adult can only prevent so much.
> I'd be interested in hearing about tonics, too.  I tend to rely on
> for prevention (A, D, and E together), but I sure wouldn't mind
> that when Bill comes home coughing, etc.
> Raisya

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