HERB - Humoral Theory

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Thu Jan 28 12:30:59 PST 1999

>>                    Science and Health
>>                    (without key to the scriptures)
>Christiana, what do you think "without key to the scriptures" means?
	Perhaps without the pertinent information from the scriptures
supporting the theory?  I believe this web site is a compilation done by
re-enactors, and is their interpretation of the things they are writing
about.  (Hence comments like "no leeches, (yik)" and " Black Bile is the
foam skimmed off the top of blood - Whatever that is".)  So, perhaps they
edited the dogma out and left the basics?

>Note that the humours are made of two elements (choler is hot dry, or 
>blood hot wet)
>>                    The nature or complexion of anything is a 
>	combination of two of these humourous qualities.
>so I don't think this is accurately stated.

	Perhaps, but I don't get what you dont get [?] 

>I have wondered how the learned physician cast the horoscope of >people
who didn't know their hour of birth.  And while there are Period >manuals
for estimating, no doubt it was one of the mechanisms for >maintaining
class divisions, since upperclass people would note the >hour of a
child's birth.

	Hmm, interesting theory.  You are right, though, astrology would
have played a big part in the humoral doctirne.  

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