HERB - Stevia

Alec asmart at one.net
Thu Jan 28 15:36:27 PST 1999

I'm not sure where to even start this message, so we'll try this:  I've,
over the last few weeks, began to take an interest in aromatherapy.  I've
glanced at a few 'very basic' books which tell where the oils come from,
but not how they're used or what they were used for.  I was talking to my
local chronicler about something else and he thought it might make a good
monthly article.  Here's a few questions:  What book or books might you
recommend for the beginning reader?   What oils do we 'know' are period?
Is there a good website to visit for info on this kind of thing?  Do we
have any actual Laurels in this area of science that I might want to
connect with?

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