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Sat Jan 30 08:27:20 PST 1999

>In my chemistry class today I cut several handfuls of rosemary, and 
>the kids and
>I hydro-distilled its essential oil.  They thought it was cool, and I 
>the wonder they exhibited.  I didn't get much oil, just a light sheen 
>on top of
>the water in their flasks.  I think they got the point though.  The 
>room smelled
>wonderful.  Does anyone know the % by weight of essential oils in some 
>plants?  My mint is just beginning to poke its head out and I would 
>like to try
>this later when I can get a good handful.
>Henri and Antea
>Kingdom of Ansteorra, Barony Stargate

No, but I could give you an idea of percentage by price of a vial of
essential oil!  Citrus fruits are the cheapest, their skins are rich in
their essential oils.  Eucalyptus is inexpensive, as are other oily
plants.  Most expensive are Rose Absolute (38.00 for 1/8 oz.), Patchouli,
Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Germaium.  
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