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Roberta R Comstock froggestow at juno.com
Mon Mar 1 14:18:43 PST 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 11:38:22 EST RAISYA at aol.com writes:
>I'd thought of the calendula (calendula officinalis) because it isn't 
>on the
>list, but the notes say that the corn marigold is Chrysanthemum 
>segetum, which
>is why I also ruled out corn poppies (Papaver rhoeas).  But I can't 
>find any
>other reference to C. segetum.  Thanks, though!
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DOH!  I must have been tireder than I thought when I sent that guess.  
I've found it today in  _Flora of the British Isles_, 3rd Ed. by Clapham,
Tutin & Moore, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1989 (pbk).  ISBN 0-521-38974-7. 
(Orig pub 1952)  

The brief version of what it says is:  Chrysanthemum segetum , Corn
Marigold -  "An annual ..... herb with erect usually branching stems
20-60 cm or more.  leaves 2-10 cm, simple, +/- oblong in outline ..... 
Ligule of ray-fls 1-1.5 cm, golden-yellow, c. 1/2 as wide as long, with 2
lateral wings and 3 prominent  whitish ribs on adaxial face;  inner
achenes +/- cylindrical, 10-ribbed......   freely visited by various
iinsects, especially flies. ...."

"Probably introduced.  A locally common but decreasing weed of acid
arable soils and waysides throughout the British Islea.  Often a
troublesome weed on loamy and sandy soils, but much reduced by liming. 
Probably a native of the E. mediterranean region and W. Asia, but well
established throughout Europe ..... Norway.  Introduced in N. and S.
America and N. Africa."

No discussion of when it may have spread or herbal uses.


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