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This is a fun question!  I loved Grania's list, so I'm going to assume other
people will cover herbs and add some other stuff:


	watermelons - I'd grow them for several reasons - it's one of the few annual
fruits, the taste of garden fresh watermelon is wonderful, and it's almost the
perfect low calorie snack on a hot day.  In E. PA, you may need to start
plants indoors to get a good season.  My favorite variety is Sugar Baby (great
taste, and small "icebox" melons).

	canteloupe - about the same as watermelon.  I like canteloupe best when it's
just come in from the garden, still warm <G>.

	cucumber - I love cucumbers in salads (or alone in a salad), and the rest of
the family loves pickles.


	lettuce - basic salad vegetable, there's a lot of varieties and it's easy to

	rocket (arugula) - it has a nice tang to it, I like to add a little raw to my

	radish - good to add some spice to a salad, and VERY easy and quick to grow.

	carrots - I love fresh, tender baby carrots, alone or in a salad or steamed.

	peas - pea plants can be turned under to add organic matter to the soil, and
fresh peas are really delicious.

	chard - it's high in minerals, and leaves will continue to regrow for months.
I like to add it to stir fry or a soup or young raw leaves in a salad.

	borage - the flowers are pretty <G>.  The flowers can garnish a salad or cold
drink, and the young leaves can be added to a salad (haven't tried it yet).

	calendula - another pretty flower.  The petals can be used as a garnish, or
used to color a dish like saffron.

	onions -  easy to grow from sets, and it's particularly good for vitamin C.
It adds flavor to soups and stir frys and roasts.


	watercress - this may not work in the garden, but it's easily grown in a pot
set in a pan of water, and it adds a nice zing to a salad.

	roses - a really beautiful flower, and the petals and hips can be used for
potpourri, rose water, rose hip conserve, etc.  If you grow an eglantine/briar
rose, you can use the leaves.

	iris - a beautiful flower.

	garlic - an easy to grow bulb, it's particularly good for you.  I add a clove
or two most of the time when I'm cooking meat.

	burnet - a leafy green, it adds a cucumber taste to salads.

	strawberries - A relatively fast fruit, and not difficult with a good mulch.
There are varieties that aren't sold in groceries that have incredible flavor.
If you want a period strawberry, you'll want an alpine (Fragraria vesca) type.

Most of these are easy to grow, and all of them are period.  Some other plants
I also grow are tomatoes, sweet peppers, squash, okra, nasturtiums, marigolds,
day lillies, beans, and parsley.

Hope this is what you're looking for.
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