HERB - Re: herbalist V1 #215

Ree Moorhead Pruehs rpruehs at ismi.net
Sun Mar 14 01:01:55 PST 1999

Julitta wrote:

>    I too, learned to cook under the Iron Hand, er ah, gentle instruction of
>Duchess Caellyn.  As I recall, it was "get it right & quickly, or get run

Bwahhahhah! That's her all right!

>    How is the dear Duchess?  Have not spoken with her, in too many

She is well. I don't think she's been at an SCA event in five years at
least, and Pennsic for longer. I'd love to lure her back eventually, but
that much burnout takes a looooooong recover. She bought a huge old
farmhouse near Lansing which she is slowly remodeling all on her
own...including of course, tons'o built in bookcases...throws the
occasional Death by Chocolate party, and for the most part lives quietly
(take that with a grain of salt  ;)  with her housemates and critters.

I'm proud to say she is my Laurel grandmother.


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