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Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland foxryde at verinet.com
Sun Mar 14 11:09:26 PST 1999

My projects in the works are for our business, but are fun (at least I
think so).

-)  I am working on a shampoo based on handmade soap, herb teas, and
essential oils.
 I have a good try out being tested.  I have very long somewhat fine hair
and wasn't pleased with it.  One of my testers with short hair that is
thick textured loves it.  But I am going to keep playing with it.

-)  Researching and playing with herbal deoderants.  I am going down 2
tracks - one mist and one stick.

-)  Cold and flu relief tea for the current batch of plague.  This is ready
to package for sale.  It has been in extensive ;-) testing the past few
months and I think I've got it right.  

-)  Goat's milk soap.  The never ending problem.  The goats' milk that I
use is from a local CSA and the fat and protein content are always
shifting.  So what worked for last months milk just post birth is different
from this months milk, post weaning.  Sigh.  I am going to try adding it to
the lye after it has cooled and then a bit more at superfatting time.
Keeps me a soooooo very humble soap maker....

-)  Sore muscle milk bath to go along with our other sore muscle products -
extensively tested in the SCA fighter crowd!

-)  I keep getting requests to have mood candles with our Fox Ryde
aromatherapy scents.  Anybody a candle maker?  I haven't a clue how to do

Well, that's the main ones.  

BTW - I am looking for an apprentice for our business.  We live in
Loveland, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on 2 acres.  We
need someone who is interested in learning to make herbal based body care
products and soap and who can take over production of our products.  We
need to have more time to take care of our retail customers and get more of
them!  We are looking for someone for 20 hours a week for 2 months who is
willing to swap knowledge for labor.  We then would think about making it a
paying position.

Please write or call if you are interested.  I'd like to get someone
started as soon as possible! 

Health to you and yours,

Baroness Leonora

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