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sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Sun Mar 14 22:20:54 PST 1999

> From: Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland <foxryde at verinet.com>
> -)  I keep getting requests to have mood candles with our Fox Ryde
> aromatherapy scents.  Anybody a candle maker?  I haven't a clue how to do
> this.  
> Baroness Leonora

It partly depends on what type of candles you are making.  It's been a
while since I've done anything besides rolled candles, but way back when, I
always added the scent after the wax was melted, just before pouring.  As I
recall, the candle scents that I purchased were all oil based.  I never
tried making my own candle scent, but I did put some dried herbs into one
once.  Its been so long that I forget which herb, but it turned out nicely,
as I recall.  I used to have a book on candle making.  If I can dig it up,
I'll see what it says.

Melandra of the Woods

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