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<< Our blends are essential oils - aromatherapy grade.  Hmm.  I wonder if you
 could paint the scent on the beeswax sheets and then roll them up.  That is
 worth a try... >>
That sounds like a good idea.  I've been easedropping on the scented candle
talk and I've been worrying that if you put the scent in too early, the heat
of the wax would either change the scent or burn it out.  I don't think I
would add scent til the last minute.  I have seen candles with herbs mixed in,
and I have done some.  They come out pretty and I wouldn't think you'd need to
worry about burning the herbs if they weren't too near the wick.  Prehaps only
the last few layers use the herbs.
Jeanne de La Mer
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