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Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland foxryde at verinet.com
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At 08:29 AM 3/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>It's just been very quiet for a while, except for one message yesterday.
>;-)  Guess everyone is out in the garden?

Yup!  Got the roto-tilling done today.  Had to move the remnants of the
burn pile to do it.  I had been dreading it all winter - but it didn't take
all that long to do.  

The back end of the back garden is going fallow this year under 6 mil
plastic.  It was infested last year with horehound.  We are going to
solorize the heck out of it.  It has always been weedy, so I am looking
forward to giving it a time-out.  We are also going to put a concrete curb
around it preparatory for next year when it goes into lavender.  The plan
is to propagate lavender all this summer, winter over under lights, and
next year set out 3 - 15 foot rows of lavender.  I am thinking one row of
Provencal, one row of Munsted, and one row of Angustafolia.  With scattered
plants of Lavender Lady.  The seeds I start of LL have sprouted!

The front half of the back garden will go into herb production.  I am still
working on what will go into it.   I have a bunch of seeds under the grow
lights and a bunch of things on order at the greenhouse - so I am sure that
I will be able to fill it!

But I have plans to update and consolidate my culinary herbs.  My partner
built a stone terrace around my original herb bed last summer and then
built 2 more next to it just for good measure.  So I am going to put the
culinary herbs right at the edge of the terrace, so I can walk outside the
kitchen and there they are!  Then I am going to transplant my rather
scattered bits and pieces into a more coherent garden.  I tend to impulse
buy and then just put it where there is room!

I did it again today.  I bought a dwarf Alberta spruce.  I am thinking of
adding it to the mini-rose bed.   Some day I have to get a plan....

We also tilled the upper bed that will go into calendula and chamomile.
And we opened up a new bed for that will fallow this summer under mulch.
Next year it will be our new veggie garden.  Our current veggie garden will
most likely go into mint then.  

My sad task was to bury one of our little chicks.  The littlest one got
sick and died today in my hand.  I don't know why it died.  All the rest
(17) of them seem fine - I hope they are.  


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