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Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at
Sun Mar 28 19:17:51 PST 1999

>So, is it true that eating local honey can help combat hayfever type
>What herbs are good to combat allergies?

Yes, local honey is best for allergies to common plants.  It is, indeed,
like a low-grade innoculation.  (I had a neighbor across the street who
kept bees, and they really liked my herb garden.  Talk about local

Herbs to help combat allergies:
Fenugreek/Thyme (mucous thinners)
Burdock, Dandelion, Red Clover (blood purifiers)

Homeopathics are also quite effective for many allergies.  A number of
preparations exist to combat different symptoms.  Something to remember
if you are doing homeopathics, if it gets worse right after you start
doing them, you are on the right track.  If nothing happens, try another
preparation.  You need to get the right allergen to treat your own
personal reaction.  

Mistress Christianna
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