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Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Tue Mar 30 08:44:26 PST 1999

Hi there, Herbies! 
	I have volunteered to teach a class at Pennsic 28.  It is the same class
I have developed for my other teaching engagements this year, and is
called "Start with the Basics: Understanding the Common Herbs". It
identifies and discusses a dozen common herbs known in the Middle Ages
and today.  Herbs covered include :  Chamomile, Dandelion, Dill, Fennel,
Lemon Balm, Mint, Parsley, Rose, Rosemary, Sage.  It is an introductory
level class that deals with specific herbs in detail.  I have attended
classes (at Pennsic and other places) that were basic "Herb Class", and
been very frustrated because the levels of knowledge were so different
among the attendees of the class, that too much time was spent on
rudimentary basics of herbal use, and not enough for more advanced folks.
 Not to mention the overwhealming amount of info for new folks.  So, I
decided to do a basic class that dealt with just a few, recognizeable
plants for new folks.  I have taught this three times now, the most
recent one was to over 200 Boy Scouts.   It went very well, and I will be
typing up this (Gosling) version for future use.  
	When I volunteered, I suggested to Dame Alys that other herb classes
should be taught that dealt with more detailed subjects, at different
levels of experience/difficulty.  She asked that I talk about this on the
Herb list, to see if we could get together some ideas and teacher
volunteers for this task.    So, how about it?  What other ideas for
specific classes can we come up with?   What levels can we define in
herbal studies (something like Beginner- needs introduction to basic herb
uses, safety issues, definitions of herbal preparations, etc; 
Intermediate - More detailed information about various herbs, instruction
on specifics of herbal preparations, discussions of specific wildcrafting
techniques;  Advanced- History of Herbals, study of period Herbalists,
period techniques and uses, Alchemy, Majic, Arabic Medicine, etc.)  
	And, more importantly, who else is going to Pennsic and wants to
volunteer to do some of these classes?  I have included the post about
volunteering teaching at Pennsic below.  It would be so cool if we could
put together a whole tract of Herbal Classes that covered a comprehensive
study area!  
	Lets talk, and come up with some good stuff!
	Herbally Yours, 
	Mistress Christianna MacGrain

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Interested in teaching a class at Pennsic War 28?

Submit your teaching application on-line at the Pennsic War 28 web site:

OR, submit a written application to: PW28 Classes Coordinator: Dame Alys
Katherine [Elise Fleming], 3950 Walter Road, North Olmsted, OH 44070-2111
USA. alysk at ix.netcom.com

Submission deadline is May 15; after that date registrations will
to be accepted as long as space is available.

Please send the following information about yourself and your class:
1) modern and SCA names and preferred SCA title (e.g., Lord/Lady,
2) mailing address and telephone number
3) e-mail address
4) kingdom of residence
5) expected date of arrival at Pennsic.
6) the title of the class
7) a brief description; length of class
8) size limit, and fees, if any
9) preferred date and time to teach, if any
10) any other information I should know such as "Avoid conflict with
battle", "Need access to firepit/electricity/water", "Prefer to teach in

Class topics may be varied but should concern the medieval or renaissance
world or the Society for Creative Anachronism as an organization and
represent those cultures and time periods that had contact with the
World. It is tradition to not charge for teaching, but you may request a
to cover materials.

Classes begin on Wednesday, August 11, and end on Friday, August 20. 
to War Week classes will be on an abbreviated schedule.  From Monday,
16, classes will begin at 9 a.m. and most will end at 6 p.m.

Teaching submissions will be confirmed by email (or post) by the Class
Coordinator and clarification will be requested if necessary. In late
or early July, you will receive final confirmation by e-mail post with
the particulars concerning your schedule and on-site teaching

If you have any questions, please contact the Class Coordinator Dame Alys

Pennsic War 28 Media Relations Office 
pw28media at minstrel.com

TO UNSUBSCRIBE from the Tavern Yard, fill out the form at:

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