HERB - Mary Rose: A Sailor's Medicine Chest

Jenne Heise jenne at tulgey.browser.net
Fri Oct 1 11:40:58 PDT 1999

In the current issue of _Discovering Archaology_ online, there's a short
article on the contents of the medicien chest from the _Mary Rose_
(English ship sunk in the Channel in 1945).


Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, mka Jennifer Heise	      jenne at tulgey.browser.net

"The Sons of Mary seldom bother, for they have inherited that good part;
But the Sons of Martha favour their Mother 
	of the careful soul and the troubled heart.
And because she lost her temper once, 
	and because she was rude to the Lord her Guest,
Her Sons must wait upon Mary's Sons, world without end, reprieve, or rest."
				-- Rudyard Kipling, "The Sons of Martha"  

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