HERB - Herbal oils by Infusion.

Shannon Brophy shannon at yoga.com
Sat Oct 2 17:20:21 PDT 1999

This is how I do it:
Put herb (dry or fresh) with olive oil in pyrex dish (cake pan is what I
use) and bake at a low temp all day (160 degrees F, plus or minus). I stir
with a  chopstick every few hours. Calendula works well and turns yellow
colored. The probem I have had with comfrey with other methods has been the
molding factor. Since you do this fast, it doesn't have a chance to mold.
Pour off/squeeze off plant material through cloth.

To prevent molding in sitting jars of infused oils (not cooked), keep
topping off the bottle with oil so it spills out, after tapping out bubbles
with a chopstick. Then cover. It makes a messy spot in the cupboard. I
prefer baking to slow infusion as my oils tend to get moldy or otherwise

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