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At 12:00 PM 10/2/99 , Katherine Blackthorne wrote:
>OK, I know nightshade, and I've heard of mandragora, but what the heck is

Well it's called a bunch of things. Datura Stramonium is it's full Latin
name. Jamestown weed or Jimsom weed are two of it other common names.  This
came from a reputed case in which British soldiers in Jamestown ate the
leaves for a salad and wandered off in a drug induced state for several
days.  The leaves used to be smoked as an aid in cases of asthma.  Of
course the entire plant is a rather potent narcotic.  Interestingly enough,
from what I've read there is some uncertainty as to whether it is an old
world or a new world plant.  On the whole the plants effect are rather
similar to Atropa Belladonna, but it is a very large plant with broad very
sweet smelling flowers.  A variety is called the Trumpet Flower, or Angel's
Trumpet, by the end of Summer it pops up a new eight inch long, Lilly
shaped blossom each day.

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