HERB - Midrealm Pentamere RUM & what I learned

Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Mon Oct 4 07:45:19 PDT 1999

Classes taught, ankle still sore but healing. Here's what I

Walking around, or pacing, still seems to be better on my
ankle than sitting for extended periods of time. This served
me well as I taught my two classes. I seem to speak better
when I can think and walk at the same time (parapatetic is
the word, no?). Thank heavens there were chalk boards. I
would have been lost without them.

Handouts were...missed, but not a huge problem. I think I
would have spoken better with that comfort in front of me.
A guess only, and one in hindsight, based on regret. :)
Most people were quite willing to sign a signup sheet for
getting an e-mail copy, as many of you suggested.

The balms and ointments class went...not as well as I
expected. I'm going to have to do something a little
different. I think people want more examples of actual
balms (I brought a few of my creations based on them,
but not the real ones). I think more people are trying
to find quick relief in balms and ointments and think
the class will teach them that. I'm going to have to
start the class out different or adjust the focus a bit
to account for this.

I needed FAR more time to teach the Icky Things (Nasty
Period Medicine) class. It was HOOT to teach and I had
four good students who asked questions, but the class
itself centered a great deal on the bases for the "nasty"
treatments and we spent little time on the actual nasty
things. The next time I teach the class, we'll make that
less imbalanced and spend a little more time on what
really icky things were around (any why they work or

A lot of people want some really basic classes on herbs.
Very very basic classes. This suprises me in a way
because there is SOOOOO much info out in the world on
the very basics of herbs. Perhaps that fact is an intimidation
to people. Too much information is overwhelming and
people want someone to cut through the bull and say "Hey,
there's a good summary book" or "Hey, here's some info
to get you started. Now go look here."

I think the best thing I learned from all this weekend was
where my knowledge is lacking. A lot of people asked really
good questions in my classes. There were often times
that I had to say "You know what? That's a good question
and I don't know the answer. But if I were looking it up,
I'd look here. And this would be my first guess, based
on XYZ knowledge."

*sigh* Okay. I had fun. I admit it. I always do, but
that doesn't mean I don't get nervous too.

Thanks for all your help, folks!

Iasmin de Cordoba, gwalli at infoengine.com
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