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I haven't delved too far into the realm of "period" cuisine, but this might
help, it's pretty general.
Originally from the Bookof Trades (Livres benoits, Gesprachbuchlein.).  I found
it in:-
"The Story of Medicine in the Middle Ages" by David. Riesman Md ScD,   New York.
Paul B. Heober, Inc., 1936. pg.315.

For that I am not
spycier ne apotecarie,
I can not name
alle menares of spyces,
but I shall name a partie:
gynger, galingale,
cubibes, comyne,
sugre white and broun,
flour of cammelle,
anyse, graynes of paradys;
of thise thinges be made confection
and goog poudres,
whereof is made
good sauces
and electuaries for medicines.

I hope this helps, and good luck with the class.  Isrith.

Jenne Heise wrote:

> I'm working on a class for this weekend on "Spices from the East". The
> medical parts are easy. But I am fumbling over the culinary bits, since
> I'm more of an apothecary than a cook, so Ihave trouble generalizing from
> the recipes I'm looking at. I know that cinnamon, nutmeg and
> saffron seem to be used in practically every kind of food, and that grains
> of paradise were used as a pepper alternative, but can people help me out
> with sweeping gneralizations of the kinds of uses medieval cooks had for:
> galingale
> cardamom
> cumin
> frankincense
> ginger
> cubebs
> Mace
> pepper
> tumeric
> ?
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