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 Has anyone any info on an herb called spikenard?
 We are preparing a Byzantine feast and came across the
 We would appreciate any input.
 Dorothy and Theodelinda
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    Ask, and ye shall receive, dears. :-) This is from the  <A 
HREF="http://www.silk.net/sirene/">Francisco Siren, Spicier</A> website--when 
you want an SCA spice, an SCA spicier is always a good bet! ;-) And I want to 
see the recipes, too............. (G)

                        Ldy Diana



This root (or more properly rhizome) has a heavy and peculiar odour, like a 
mixture of valerian and patchouli. The taste is bitter and aromatic. Used in 
India from early times in perfume and medicine, it was imported to the 
Greco-Roman world. It scented the precious ointment offered to Jesus. The 
Roman cookbook of Apicius calls for it in sauces for meat, seafood, and fowl. 
It is an ingredient in some medieval hypocras and clarry recipes. [n.b. -- do 
not confuse this with American Spikenard (Aralia racemosa), a totally 
different plant, which is what is usually offered as 'spikenard' in North 

25 g 1.65 
500 g 29.15 

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