HERB - acorns

Beeler LibbyAndColin at webtv.net
Sun Oct 17 06:26:52 PDT 1999

Good morning Lords and Ladys:
     Since I have found myself accursed with mountains of acorns in my
yard this year, I have been doing some research on same.  Thus far I
have found lots of American Indian documentation for the usage of
acorns, and one reference for us as follows:
     Dioscorides, Bk 1, 143, Balanoi.  Acorns.
     "....they are also vreticall, being eaten for meat, they cause the
head-ach & are windie, ...."
    My question is, has any of you seen a documentable receipe for
acorns as food?
     Dioscorides also discusses the use of all portions of Quercus (Oak)
medicinally in this and adjoining sections, but does not list food
recipes for the curious.

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