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Rauthulfr mwolfe at nwlink.com
Sat Oct 30 10:59:51 PDT 1999

At 09:12 PM 10/29/99 , you wrote:
>Mints will cross pollinate with each other and hybridize into other
>varieties, [snip]  (This is the same kind of thing that can happen when you
>plant your dill and fennel too close together.  Several members of my
>herb club have said that dennel or fill, whichever you get from the
>cross, is worthless.)

This makes me wonder whether the dill growing along Seattle's waterfront
has hybridized with the water hemlock which also grows there.  Although
they may not be closely enough related for that to work.  however the
possibility is interesting....not sure I'd want to test it though! I've
also seen wild carrot there, could make for an interesting salad, eh?

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