HERB - What is the Horix?

Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland foxryde at verinet.com
Wed Nov 1 16:14:49 PST 2000

I am trying to get this together to post to the list.   I am a bit sketchy
on what it is besides cool.

I am buried in the final day I can make soap and still have it for
Christmas sales so be patient with me.

If someone else wants to get this together (Nora? are you on the User Soap
list?) be my guest.

The guy is trying to translate a 14th C german text on soap and liquor
making as well as some other cool stuff.  He says there is a recipe for 4
thieves vinegrette which really caught my attention.

Your in haste - got about 40 more pounds of soap to make before I sleep,

Baroness Leonora

At 05:37 PM 11/1/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Someone sent me a recipie for what was titled a 14th century soap powder.
>It was sent to her by someone who is translating the Horix, and, I assume,
>found the recipie in it.   So my question is, what is the Horix?   She sent
>me the following url, but I have not yet looked at it...
>  www.aromatherapy.ro/soap2
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