HERB - Question about making oils & extracts was: Making vanilla extract/infused oil

sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Mon Nov 27 10:26:53 PST 2000

> > Vanilla Oil/extract

> > Ingredients/supplies needed:
> > 8 Vanilla Beans
> > 4 oz - 100% Pure Pressed Sweet Almond Oil
> > 6 oz.- Vodka (40% ALC/VOL - (80proof)

As strong as Vanilla is, this seemed like a lot of beans for a small amount
of product.   Which led me to wonder, is there a standard percentage of herb
to alchohal/oils when making extracts and etc?   If so, what is it?   Or is
every recipie different?

For those of you who read the original post, would this be a good basic
recipie for other herbs as well?

Can you use dried herbs when making oils and extracts, or should you always
try for fresh?


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