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Wed Nov 29 12:39:15 PST 2000

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> Unfortunately, for whatever reason, things also get through from people not 
> even subscribed to the list.  

I didn't mean to imply the regular subscribers would do such a thing, I 
wasn't very clear on that point.  What I meant to convey was anyone can get 
onto this list and spread viruses.  You do a great job keeping up with this 
list.  No one can catch all the viruses that are out there.. even 
sophisticated companies with thousands to spend on firewalls and encryptions 
still get infected.  Look at the Love Virus!  We're still cleaning up from 
that mess.

It's a shame though that those who are intelligent enough to hack in to the 
toughest firewalls would waste their time and talent with such a meaningless 

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