HERB -Borax vs Roaches

Christina L. Nordloh octas at mmcable.com
Fri Sep 1 01:12:49 PDT 2000

Sara Bairrington wrote:

> Use half powdered sugar and half Borax the eye wash.  I've used it for
> years because I'm allergic to the sprays.  When other apartments had
> roaches in my complex I had none.  I even challenged my apt manager to not
> spray my place and if I had roaches after she sprayed all around me that
> I'd pay an extra month's rent and if I didn't she'd let me have a month's
> free rent. She was so sure I'd loose she did it.  After she saw I had no
> roaches at all after the other spraying, she fired the exterminator and
> started giving the residents the borax/sugar mixture with instructions
> instead.
> It's safe for pets and children.  Worst it can do is give them gas.  That's
> how it kills roaches.  They can't burp, they blow up.
> Use it with no fears for your family or pets.
> Ulrike
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HUGS!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!  I was praying that the recipe that I
had heard about wasn't a farce.  I was so reluctant to call the exterminator,
but felt I had no choice - they literally are EVERYWHERE!!!  I had no idea that
roaches started out so small - I thought they were some sort of beetle that had
snuck in for the summer - now I fear for my childs safety with the things that
they can carry.  The bombing from an exterminator is not only expensive - but
can hurt both my child and my pets.  You have answered this new mothers
prayers! Thank you.

Christina N.

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