HERB - Good news and bad news - long reply

Christina L. Nordloh octas at mmcable.com
Fri Sep 1 11:08:59 PDT 2000

> Hello, lady -
> I am not a regular member of this list but the lady whose mail I am using
> brought this to my attention as I'm a neonatal nurse.
> (unfortunately necessary stuff: Please note that the following is offered as
> information only - not medical advice:  please discuss all of this with your
> pediatrician before implementing any of it)

Thank you for the information - it will be used wisely.  The pillow under the
sheet idea is a wonderful one and one I admit I didn't think of.  My
pediatrition is an incredible lady, and believe me she is the first person I
call before trying ANYTHING.  It's made me more cautious about myself as well.
I'll talk to her about the rice and the breast milk idea - might work...  I am
very grateful that he only has a mild case of it, enough to make him miserable
- but not bad enough that he's suffering.  I am curious about the other methods
you mentioned - accupressure, chiropractic work - do these have any proven
results?  As for the herbs - I'm a little leary about using anything organic
until I know more of what it can do, and only with my doctors permission.
Thank you again - think I'll go see what the store has for wedges that I can
put in his bassinet for elevation, that alone might help tremendously.

Christina N.

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