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Gaylin iasmin at home.com
Sun Sep 3 21:04:15 PDT 2000

Wolf wrote:

>thanks & appreciated .... exactly the information i was seeking.  do
>a lot of wrencing on the bike and truck and usually end up with
>skinned up hands, thought i'ld give it a experimental trial.

You may actually want to consider using something a little less
sticky as your trial. Throughout history, honey has been used as
one of the main agents of a wound salve, but rarely, as a salve on
its own. I suspect strongly from manuscript evidence and research
this is because of the sticky nature of pure honey. What I would
suggest is using a combination of fat or grease and honey, as they
did in many time periods, including the ones we research.

Use 1/3 honey to 2/3 fat, such as beef fat or butter. If necessary,
melt the fat to combine it with the honey, let the substance cool,
and then use it as a wound dressing. The resulting combination will
contain the cleaning and healing properties of the honey and also
the emollient properties of the fat or grease.

I'm really geeked that you're looking into this, Wolf. It's one of
my favorite topics in medieval medicine.

>was not aware of the intercations in wound/honey that produce
>peroxide that helps the wound clean-out (peroxide being a house
>staple medical item), nor was i aware that the honey was acidic ...
>learned a bit more

Well, the reaction of the honey is more than just the peroxide,
actually. Let me go look up my notes and I'll list a couple that
might be of interest to the herbally minded here on the list.


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