HERB - Re: Marigolds and Gillyflowers

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Fri Apr 6 00:31:30 PDT 2001


>yes, marigolds are period, that is the marigold now most often known 
>by its Latin name "Calendula".  

Oh!  (light bulb turns on)  Now I see the problem - looking under the
wrong name!  Now, I know *someone* a loooong time ago mentioned a book
that had the modern and ancient references, and now I really want that
book!  Anyone know what I'm balthering about???

>Calendula has some wonderful medicinal properties (the petals are the 
>part to use) such as antifungal, antiseptic, astringent, and is good for

>calming skin inflammations. 

Hmmm..future research project here into creams... ;-)

>I don't believe the "french marigolds" or "african marigolds" (Tagetes 
>spp) are period. 

Oh, poo.  I was really hoping French marigolds were period - they're the
only ones I've seen so far that i like in the whole family!  Saw some
neat harlequin ones this past fall.  Liked them a *lot*.  ah, well, I
guess my dream garden's just gonna have some OOP players!  ;-)

With gillyflowers, I was thinking of the one or other period type:

>Caryophyllus simplex maior (the single gillofloure, or Pink)
>Caryophyllus plumarius (jagged Pinks)

There's this garden, see, which has all sorts of temptations for the weak
of heart, so I was wondering where I can find some of my own to covet. 
Huh - anyone know which species gives us bergamot EO?

-Caro the many-questioned

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