[Re: HERB - Re: Marigolds and Gillyflowers]

Stacy Kopec tegangwyllt at usa.net
Mon Apr 9 08:41:28 PDT 2001


Do you think it would be possible for me to get a copy of that cordial receipe
from you?  My other half has a weakness for the occasional sip and I'd love to
suprise him w/ one that I made.

Thank you in advance.

In Service,
Tegan Gwyllt
Canton of Gate's Edge
Stargate, Ansteorra

Carol / Isrith <nordmarc at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
About the clove gilofre . . . that's interesting, thanks for the info. Period
medicine is my
main interest, I never really got into period cooking. Were pinks used in
cooking? I've seen
a cordial recipe that includes them, but as I don't tread the "cooks path" too
often I've
not seen them in food recipes. Just curious.

~ Isrith.

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