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I'm with you right up until this point.  I get the impression that your
questions got cut-and-pasted in from another article?  You bring up some
very good points in your comments, and ones that can make your article turn
into a book if you aren't careful!  I am currently researching the question
"What is sugar?" for our Co-Op's product policy, and I have 40 pages and
counting.  I don't have much to ad to your list of period sweeteners except
sweet herbs/flowers, almond milk is sweet naturally, roses, violets, and
other sweet petaled flowers can add touches of sweetness as well.

> Comments
> I see this column as being one in which the
> fundamental need of food and it’s associated social
> commentary come into play.
> Agriculture -Farming to Cooking ,
> Trade, -Transport –preservation
> social  influences –Tradition, status ,
> It’s not enough to know they ate it  I want to know
> why they ate it,  and who ate it
> Things I’m interested in finding out are
> Where did the spice come from in the first place? what
> processes had it undergone?
> from seed to Harvest,
> Harvest to packaging
> who brought it ?
> How did they find out about it?
> How and in what form was it transported in ?
> Where did it end up?
> How did they use it and store it?
> Beatriz
> p.s. I try to ask all people i quotes permission  but
> sometimes late into the night i forget  please if you
> recognise something in here may i have your permission
> to use it
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