HERB - Sweeteners

Sue Rogers wjwakefield at juno.com
Wed Apr 11 14:27:19 PDT 2001

It is my understanding that the Arabs were refining sugar from dates in
period, and this was available sometime after some of the Crusades.  Not
being a cook or a food historian, I could be wrong.

Nostradamus, in his "Elixirs" has a number of recipes for preserving
fruits with sugar, most of which say or imply white sugar.  Though some
of the recipes call for cooking the sugar several times to get it nice
and white.  I get the impression that the recipes are aimed at the upper
classes, and that availability of sugar was somewhat novel, though he
does not so state.....

Gerard mentions figs and jujubes for making syrups.  Also other fruits
and honey.

But my general impression is that sweet was not nearly as common in
period as what we crave today.

Suzanna, herbalist, Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra (Dallas,

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