[Herbalist] Inspiring dirt! and cough syrup

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> What is mullein used for.  My sources are saying it's used for lighten the
> hair.

lung congestion, asthma, cough, etc.
Also, the flowers may be steeped in olive oil, and then the oil used for ear
Quakers used to rub it on their cheeks to make them pink, hence the common
name of "Quaker's rouge"
Leaves stuffed in shoes to help keep feet warm, also thought to be a
contraceptive if a leave was put in the shoe, and a fertility aid if worn.
Stems stripped of leaves and dipped in tallow were used as torches in
religious processions.   Mullein torches were thought to both repel witches,
and be used by them.

Modern tests show it to be a demulcent, an expectorant, and an


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