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Greetings Sioned,
If you are constantly having these troubles then you might want to try
Lady's Mantle. It's very easy to grow. Lady's Mantle promotes health in
women and was once used to solve all kinds of "female" problems from
menstrual cramps to swollen breasts.

One of the best "instant remedies" for cramping would be Raspberry Leaf tea.
Use fresh raspberry leaves (unsprayed) if you can. It's best if drunk for a
couple of days before the period begins, and then throughout the days that
the period lasts. Make a fresh infusion each morning, drink a wineglassful,
and keep the rest covered in your refrigerator. Take two more wineglassfuls
throughout the day.

If heavy bleeding is a problem for you, try the Raspberry Leaf tea with just
a little Shepherd's Purse [Capsula Bursa Pastoralis] (sp?) added to it.
Shepherd's Purse controls internal bleeding. Don't over use it though! and
don't use too much in proportion to the Raspberry Leaves. You may have to go
pick your own Shepherd's Purse, but luckily it grows wild just about

For events: dry these herbs in a dry warm dark place until crisp (not the
oven). Take little squares of muslin and bundle a blend of the herbs into
them. Tie or sew them fast so that you have small sachets. Store them in an
airtight / waterproof box. You can use them at events just like modern day
teabags (except they'll be medicine teas of course.)

~ Isrith.

Janece Suarez wrote:

> Does anyone know of any remedies that the ladies used to utilize for
> monthly pain and cramping?

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