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Tina -

What kind of bad experience did you have?  Red Raspberry Leaves are a
traditional tonic herb for pregnant women.  See Rosemary Gladstar's book
"Herbal Healing for Women."  From the time I discovered I was pregnant with
my third and youngest child, I drank a tea with this herb, nettle, alfalfa,
and spearmint daily.  All herbs should be treated as medicine.  What
difficulties did you have by ingesting this particular herb?

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> Please note that reasberry leaves are not to be taken at any time if you
> suspect your pregnant.  If you are not pregnant however, the tea is
> wonderful and has a very pleasant aroma and taste.  (please take no
> Isrith - I just had a very bad experience when I drank the tea with my
> pregnancy - my son is fine - but it was scarry there for a bit)
> > Greetings Sioned,
> > If you are constantly having these troubles then you might want to try
> > Lady's Mantle. It's very easy to grow. Lady's Mantle promotes health in
> > women and was once used to solve all kinds of "female" problems from
> > menstrual cramps to swollen breasts.
> >
> > One of the best "instant remedies" for cramping would be Raspberry Leaf
> tea.
> > Use fresh raspberry leaves (unsprayed) if you can. It's best if drunk
> a
> > couple of days before the period begins, and then throughout the days
> > the period lasts. Make a fresh infusion each morning, drink a
> wineglassful,
> > and keep the rest covered in your refrigerator. Take two more
> wineglassfuls
> > throughout the day.
> >
> > If heavy bleeding is a problem for you, try the Raspberry Leaf tea with
> just
> > a little Shepherd's Purse [Capsula Bursa Pastoralis] (sp?) added to it.
> > Shepherd's Purse controls internal bleeding. Don't over use it though!
> > don't use too much in proportion to the Raspberry Leaves. You may have
> go
> > pick your own Shepherd's Purse, but luckily it grows wild just about
> > everywhere!
> >
> > For events: dry these herbs in a dry warm dark place until crisp (not
> > oven). Take little squares of muslin and bundle a blend of the herbs
> > them. Tie or sew them fast so that you have small sachets. Store them in
> an
> > airtight / waterproof box. You can use them at events just like modern
> > teabags (except they'll be medicine teas of course.)
> >
> > ~ Isrith.
> >
> >
> > Janece Suarez wrote:
> >
> > > Does anyone know of any remedies that the ladies used to utilize for
> > > monthly pain and cramping?
> >
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