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> Question - what does passing a kidney stone feel like?
> What natural herbs can be taken to make the process smoother and easier?
> I've heard that, if they are small, then drinking grapefuit juice and olive
> oil can really help...
> Melandra

1.  It feels like labor.   For those who don't understand that one - IT

2.  If you are at the point of the strong HURT in trying to pass a kidney
stone, I don't know of any herbal aids.  However, if you know you have a
kidney stone that you will be trying to pass, a tea made from the new young
shoots of gooseberry leaves will break it up and in most cases prevent you
from reaching that strong hurt phase.  At least that has been my experience 3
times now.  My Dr. is now passing that information along to his other
patients since he has seen it work for me.  Only problem is finding the
leaves when you need them.  Dried will work but you almost have to pick them
yourself to insure that you have the new shoots and not the older leaves.
(The tea is very pleasant, sort of like Chinese green tea)

Constance de la Rose

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