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I am guessing that you are talking about commercial soap or the clear melt
and pour soap?  In commercial soap the process (as I understand it)
involves lots of sheets of soap/detergent which are pressed together to
make the bars.  They sometimes separate.

In melt & pour (glycerine) soap and also in most true soaps (cold process)
there is glycerine.  Glycerine is a humectant meaning - it draws water to
it.  You will see a slick or even beads of moisture on soaps in a humid
environment as the glycerine performs it's chemical imperative.  I don't
think this is what you are talking about however.

Living in an extremely dry climate (Colorado front range) we never have to
worry about such things.

All the best,
Mistress Leonora

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>Greetings to the list!
>I was wondering if anyone could tell me the technical term for what
>happens to soap when it starts to seperate into layers if left in a humid
>place?  Also is there a way to counteract this process?
>Thanks for your help.
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