[Herbalist] syrup-- HELP!

Jenne Heise jenne at mail.browser.net
Thu Jan 9 17:07:02 PST 2003

Help, all you experts out there.

I was making lemon ginger drink syrup for our 12th night tithe. Since most of the things we give
get taken to Estrella and given away, I wanted to be sure it wouldn't go bad, so I let it simmer
down pretty good.

The syrup starts with 4 c. of sugar, 2.5 c. of water, 1 c. of lemon juice, and you add a 4 inch
piece of ginger. I made a triple batch.

I boiled it down too much. you have to scrape it off the spoon. There's no way I'm going to be
able to strain out the ginger, unless I heat it up, and it doesn't dissolve in cold water. But
if you like ginger, it's YUMMY!

So, what should I do? Can I repurpose it for something?

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, mka Jennifer Heise	      jenne at mail.browser.net
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