[Herbalist] Speaking of Apothecary Bottles!

Corwyn and Carowyn silveroak at juno.com
Fri Jan 24 20:13:33 PST 2003

Greetings to the Lists!

So, I'm at the Dollar Store, minding my own business, when I come across
something totally cool!  They have frosted glass clip-lid bottles (like
the old-style Mason jars) in four colors (garnet, blue topaz, azurite,
and topaz - hey, I'm a gem dealer! ;-), and they have AMPHORAE!  About 5"
high, really sturdy glass, cork tops, just the perfect size for
SCA-related instigations!  I'm now the proud owner of 12 of them (and
some will surely make their way into raffles at a future date!), but if
anyone else would like to stock up, now's the time!  If you'd like me to
stock up for you, please email me privately, and I'll see what I can do
for you.

Hee hee!  Infused oils, herbed vinegars, spice jars, perfumes.....!!!!

"Some things are best left unsaid.
Other things are best left unsculpted in chocolate."

-Warren Harmon

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